Due to the high volume of service, we are unfortunately not always available for you personally on the phone.
Please understand that our employees cannot answer complex technical problems immediately over the phone.
Inquiries without order number / vehicle registration document / error log cannot be answered.
Only deadlines/prices etc. that have been agreed in writing form the basis of business. Telephone agreements are not a business basis.
Please send us an e-mail or use our contact / inquiry form to avoid problems and misunderstandings.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

RH Electronics
Hauptstraße 18
82285 Hattenhofen (Bavaria)

Phone number

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Monday to Thursday
8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Our workshop is located about 35 km from Munich, on the B2 between Augsburg and Munich.

Contact details:

Via the A8 exit Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg until Hattenhofen

Over the A96 highway exit inning at Ammersee/Fürstenfeldbruck, continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg to Hattenhofen

In Hattenhofen you will find us on the outskirts of the village directly on the B2 on the right.

Do I need to fill out and enclose a repair order?

Yes, we absolutely need the requested information in our repair order. We have structured this order in such a way that we can start repairing the control unit immediately upon receipt of the order and there are no queries or time delays. Devices that are received without a repair order and error description will only be processed by us after all open questions have been clarified. This results in a large delay and effort.

Can you give me tips on how to expand my device?

Depending on the vehicle type and equipment, the devices are installed in different places. Control units should only be removed and installed by an appropriate specialist. If you do not know exactly where your device is located in the vehicle, please contact a knowledgeable person. (Your workshop) Unfortunately, we cannot give general instructions for all vehicles and types at this point.

Can I possibly open or repair my control unit myself?

Please refrain from attempting to repair your control unit yourself. Under certain circumstances, the device can be so damaged that it is no longer possible for us to repair it. Please also do not use any contact spray or similar that you spray into the device. This too can render the device irreparable. If we determine that improper opening or repair attempts have been made to your control unit and this results in considerable additional work for us to repair the control unit, we will invoice you for this. If a device has already been opened, the chances of it being repaired decrease drastically.

What typical errors can occur?

In the vehicles, many errors are noticeable when various warning lamps light up. Various malfunctions can also occur. The errors can occur permanently, sporadically or depending on the temperature. It is always important to first query the vehicle's error memory with a suitable diagnostic device and localize the error. The error texts can vary depending on the diagnostic device used; a combination is also possible. The repair solutions and errors we offer on our website are of course only a small selection. It is important that you send us an exact error description, the error code and our repair order. Only then is a repair economically feasible.

Where can I find instructions on how to install my repaired device?

Control units should only be installed by an appropriate specialist. The working method specified by the manufacturer must be observed. Unfortunately, we cannot give general instructions for all vehicles and types at this point. If you receive special instructions or supplements from us that are suitable for the device, please use them as well.

If your control unit does not work after the repair:

If your control unit is not working, there can be several reasons. We have checked and repaired your control unit. If we noticed during our incoming inspection that your control unit was working, we would have informed you immediately and only charged a handling fee. Therefore, there is probably another fault in your vehicle. It is now important to check everything again.

Therefore, please check the following in the event of a malfunction:

-Are all plug connections restored and engaged?

-Supply voltage at the control unit?

-Fuse for the supply voltage

-Read error memory: which error is displayed?

-Does the control unit come from your vehicle? software status? coding?

If you don't see any other errors and your control unit doesn't work, we'll be happy to try to solve the problem. In order to be able to localize the error, we need an exact description of the error and a printout of the current error memory. We would like to ask you not to remove the control unit and send it back to us without prior agreement. Please contact us beforehand.

Can I use my vehicle without the ABS control unit?

If only the control unit was removed during removal, but the valve block with brake lines remains in the vehicle, the brake system (without ABS) is conditionally operational. Please note, however, that the ABS or ESP functions are not available. Likewise, the braking force distribution cannot be optimally controlled in some vehicles. As a result, the full braking force cannot be used. The rear wheels can lock before the front wheels under heavy braking. This makes the vehicle very difficult to control. We recommend protecting the valve block and the plugs from dirt and only making the most necessary trips. Please also note that other errors can occur in the vehicle for which we assume no liability. In principle, driving without an ABS system is not recommended. Every driver acts at his own risk. If the valve block has been removed and the brake lines removed, driving with the vehicle is generally not possible!

Does the control unit have to be recoded after reinstallation?

No, your control unit will work again immediately after installation. However, this only applies if your control unit comes from your vehicle. If it comes from another vehicle, it must be encoded. However, you should delete the error memory after successful repair.

What if my control unit works at the entrance control?

We test every device before repairing it. If your device works and we don't see any faults, we will charge for our testing effort and send your control unit back to you.

How soon will I get my controller back?

The repair time for standard devices is usually around 2-3 working days (depending on the number of repairs). After the repair has been completed, you will receive your device back immediately together with the invoice. You don't need to make an appointment with us: we repair when the devices arrive. We can also treat your repair order preferentially. We offer you the option of "express repair" and thus guarantee you a very fast repair time of 1 working day. We calculate this service depending on the device type. You can make a selection for this in the repair order. On our website we announce important dates such as holidays or similar about 2 weeks in advance. All information is subject to change and applies to shipping within Germany.

What often causes repairs to be delayed?

-No repair order / no customer data / no error information etc.

-Transport damage / shipping problems

- Insufficient customs preparation by the sender

What are the circumstances that often make repairs no longer possible?

- Due to transport damage

- By trying the repair yourself

- Due to water damage / accidental damage etc.

- Due to insufficient error information / error code

Do we charge an inspection fee? handling fee?

For control units that do not show any errors in our test, we charge a test fee plus VAT and shipping.

Why do I have to pay even if you can't fix my device:

Even if we cannot find a fault or cannot repair it for an unknown reason, the costs for the following time expenditure must be paid:

-Unpacking/packing the device

-Inclusion in our system

-Check by the technician

-Communication with customers


In this case, we calculate our handling fee plus shipping costs and VAT.

Possibly also test costs on a vehicle.

Can you offer me a replacement device?

If your device cannot be repaired, we will try to offer you a replacement device from our warehouse or organize it through our network. If this is not possible, we will try to get a new device for you at favorable conditions. This is all done in consultation with you. We try to help you.

Can I also visit you with my vehicle or removed equipment?

Of course, you can also hand in your device to us personally and pick it up again. In this case, we ask that you make an appointment in advance by phone or email.

If you would like us to take over the complete removal and installation of the control unit in our master workshop, please contact us by telephone and make an appointment.

Can I remove my device myself at your place? At the parking lot?

No, this is technically not possible and also contradicts our business practices.