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Packaging Tips

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Our workshop is located about 35 km from Munich, on the B2 between Augsburg and Munich.

Contact details:

Via the A8 exit Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg until Hattenhofen

Over the A96 highway exit inning at Ammersee/Fürstenfeldbruck, continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg to Hattenhofen

In Hattenhofen you will find us on the outskirts of the village directly on the B2 on the right.
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Please read the following instructions carefully! Unfortunately, there are always avoidable transport damages due to inadequate packaging of the devices.

Since the control units are extremely sensitive electronics that can easily be damaged, please make sure that you pack them carefully and securely, because even the smallest damage to the unit can make it irreparable and therefore unusable.

Particularly with devices which contain a valve or pump block in addition to the sensitive control unit, usually in a plastic housing, great care is required. The heavy block can develop a great impact force and severely damage the electronics due to shocks during transport.

Unfortunately, such impacts cannot always be prevented during transport with the usual service providers.


Please use a sufficiently large cardboard box to create enough space to absorb hard impacts. The cardboard used must be stable and provide at least 5cm space on each side around the device for padding material, better more.

For devices with plug connectors, please ensure that the plug is packed separately so that no pins can be bent or cables torn off during transport. The same applies to the sensitive coilformers of the ABS / ESP control units, more on this below.

Please include the completed and signed repair order in the package.


Allow devices that you wish to send in with valve or pump block to run completely empty before dispatch.

Wrap the device in absorbent cloths or rags and pack it in a tight plastic bag, as brake fluid usually remain in the valve block and fuel remains in the pump, Leaking brake fluid or fuel can permanently damage your device and make it irreparable.

In addition, the carrier will refuse to take the product with him if liquid visibly escapes from the package.

Wrap a few layers of bubble wrap around the packaged device. Place the packed device in the shipping carton and fill the carton well with foil, foam, chips, etc. for further protection.

The sensitive coilformers in the ABS / ESP control unit are particularly well protected against strong shocks and impact. In order to avoid damage during transport, it is essential to fix the bobbin in place. To do this, attach a piece of cardboard around the control unit using a removable adhesive tape.


Gearbox control units make special demands on the packaging because they often have very irregular shapes with sensitive parts that protrude far out. In addition, they often come into contact with gear oil and must therefore be packaged in a leak-proof manner.

Unfortunately, there is no patent recipe for safe packaging; it is very important to use a carton that offers enough space to absorb hard impacts. Please clean oily devices as well as possible before shipping and wrap them in absorbent cloths or rags.

Then pack the device in a leak-proof plastic bag and wrap it generously with bubble wrap. Place the packed device in the shipping carton and fill the carton well with foil, foam, chips, etc. for further protection.


Control panel inserts, also known as instrument clusters or speedometers, are usually made of robust plastic which is relatively light and gives the (often deceptive) impression of an insensitive component.

Nevertheless, they must be packed carefully, because inside these devices consist of extremely sensitive electronic components. In addition, the clear plastic windows must be protected against scratches and hard impacts.

It is recommended that you first wrap the device in a layer of soft material, such as cotton or soft paper towels. Wrap a few layers of bubble wrap around the packed device and place it in the shipping carton, which you fill in well for further protection, e.g. with foil, foam, chips or similar.