ABS/ESP Control Unit (A) | Car

RH-Type A38

from 299.00 EUR

Plus 19% VAT, plus shipping costs.
Repair ABS / ESP control unit A38
Repair ABS / ESP control unit A38
Repair time:
➜ Express repair: 1-2 working days plus shipping
(+50.00 EUR)
➜ Normal repair time: 3-5 working days plus shipping
(no extra charge)
Scope of repair:
➜ Complete Overhaul
(+50.00 EUR)
➜ Only troubleshooting
(no extra charge)
Device manufacturer:
Part no.:
SEBSII / 9X06-3201-36 / G1YV67650
Installed in the following vehicle brands:
Mazda Suzuki Toyota
Suzuki Vitara until approx. 2002 Mazda 626
➜ pump fault ➜ Pump motor failed ➜ Hydraulic pump without function ➜ Error code 61 ➜ Wheel sensor error etc.
Standard Lieferung:
Shipping within Germany up to 5KG
By law. 12/24 month. Warranty extension available.