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Our workshop is located about 35 km from Munich, on the B2 between Augsburg and Munich.

Contact details:

  • via the A8 exit Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg until Hattenhofen

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In Hattenhofen you will find us on the outskirts of the village directly on the B2 on the right.

1 Repair conditions for control units
1.1 Repair procedure

All prices and repair times refer to the mentioned devices and respective standard errors and can be confirmed only after examination of your device. A successful repair can only be confirmed in writing after we have checked the device. Any previous statement is not binding and is only a presumption based on our experience. If opening and repair attempts have been made or if further damage occurs, the prices may vary. In this case you will receive an individual offer. Justified price deviations below 50,00€ net are carried out without consultation.

1.2 Payment and shipping

You can choose between cash in advance or cash on delivery. Please do not make any payment without our invoice and request, as the repair amount is only finally determined after invoicing. If you pick up your device personally, you can pay by EC card or cash.

1.3 Repair duration / Delivery times

Repair duration and delivery times depend on various factors and may be delayed in exceptional cases. We cannot guarantee the delivery reliability of the delivery services.

1.4 EU payments without VAT

In order to receive an invoice without VAT, you must provide us with a valid VAT ID number. inform. This is checked at the Federal Central Tax Office. If the information is incorrect, we cannot issue a tax-free invoice. Invoices are always issued to the billing address stored in the customer account.

1.5 Estimate of costs

If you send us a device without a repair order, an unknown device X1 or a device with an unknown error, we will prepare a cost estimate. This estimate includes the following services:

  • Customer contact E-mail/ telephone/ personal conversation

  • Unpacking the device with visual inspection and recording in the RH product system

  • Inspection of the device by technicians for errors and repair possibilities. The test can be carried out on an existing test state. If no test state is available for the device, the device is examined at the measuring station. The technician decides on further measures such as: Opening of the device, visual inspection of the electronics, test in test vehicle, external troubleshooting according to circuit diagram, etc.

  • If no repair is possible, we try to offer a replacement unit.

  • Possible renewed customer contact via e-mail/telephone/personally

  • Packaging and return shipment to customer at cost

If your control unit is not faulty or cannot be repaired, we will charge the cost estimate. Packaging and shipping costs and VAT. These costs are also incurred if no diagnostic result is obtained or the result has already been suspected by you. We would like to point out that your device may be damaged by the diagnosis or that the error pattern may change. Damage due to opening the housing, consequential damage due to previous water damage to the electronics or transport damage, etc. can occur. In principle, there is no right to a new or functional device or restoration of the old fault image. In the event of justified transport damage due to third-party negligence or loss, reimbursement will only be made up to the selected insurance amount of the transport service provider. If you wish, you can adjust the insurance amount.

1.6 Shipments from non-EU countries

If you send us a device from a non-EU country, please note that you must take care of customs clearance yourself or commission a forwarding agent. Fees and/or customs duties incurred by equipment shipped without customs clearance can neither be accepted nor prepaid by us. Your device will be returned to you by Customs at your expense. Shipping without prior customs clearance (device only brought to the post office) leads to considerable additional costs. Before you send us a device from a non-EU country, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. Deliveries to non-EU countries may be subject to additional duties, taxes and fees.

1.7 Guarantee and Warranty

The warranty extends exclusively to the work carried out by RH Electronics and specified faults in the control unit or vehicle. For dismantled control units that are sent to us, the installation costs are not part of our warranty and cannot be reimbursed. If the control unit in question was installed in our company for the customer, the warranty also applies to removal and installation. Costs for inspections by external companies are not reimbursed. Rectification of defects in other companies or by 3rd persons without prior consultation with us will result in immediate withdrawal from the purchase contract and loss of warranty.

The warranty period begins from the date of invoice and applies only to unopened devices. The warranty periods may vary depending on the type of device. You will find them in the article description. The following guarantee periods apply in principle:

  • Repairs 12-24 months

  • New devices 12-24 months (depending on manufacturer warranty)

  • Equipment revised by RH: 24 months

  • Used devices: only functional guarantee

If a device is sent to us again for complaint and inspection and shows no defect, we calculate our expenditure (inspection lump sum / cost estimate / shipping costs etc.).

If a device does not work after repair, we reserve the right to check and repair it. If the control unit should be not repairable on the

2. attempt, you will receive back the repair price for the corresponding device. If a device does not work after repair, we reserve the right to check and repair it. All other costs incurred such as shipping etc. will not be refunded. Equipment must be returned to us before the repair price is refunded.

All other costs incurred such as shipping etc. will not be refunded. We will then calculate our cost estimate in any case. Consequential damages are generally not acknowledged. Improvements in other companies or by Consequential damages are generally not acknowledged.

1.8 Deposit agreement / default of acceptance

If a device returned by us is not accepted and the cost estimate is not paid, default of acceptance shall arise. Additional costs for the new delivery will be charged to the customer. If the device is not accepted again or is not collected from us after a period of 4 weeks (refusal of return with abandonment of ownership), we will dispose of your device.

1.9 Revocation

A contract for work and services is only concluded after receiving the respective device together with the repair order. You instruct us to start the repair service immediately upon receiving the device at RH Electronics and not to wait for the 14-day cancellation period. Therefore there is no right of return from the beginning of the repair. A reset of a started or executed repair is technically not possible.

2 Additional repair conditions for vehicles

The order is accepted in writing with the determination of the desired repair or the respective repair effort. It should be clearly defined what should be repaired. Troubleshooting for electronic faults is necessary to eliminate the fault and is calculated. If a cost estimate is provided, this can deviate up to 10%. The purpose of troubleshooting and repair is to provide you with a repaired functional vehicle. If the repair is aborted, we are not obliged to hand over repair instructions and provide further assistance for the repair. Replaced electronic components cannot be replaced or taken back. If the manufacturer charges a deposit on the exchanged part, we can only hand it over against payment. When troubleshooting and removing components, additional consequential errors can occur, so that the original vehicle condition or error deteriorates and the original condition cannot be restored. There is no right to restore the old error image. The radio code can be deleted when the vehicle battery is disconnected. Various other settings on the vehicle can also be lost. The storage and programming of this data and functions is not included in the scope of repair. Unless otherwise agreed, we ask you to collect your vehicle from us no later than 2 working days after completion and notification. For each additional day, stand fees on our premises will be charged as follows: Car 10,00€ Motorcycle 8,00€ net. If vehicles lose liquids such as oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc. on our company premises, we will charge a flat rate of €50.00 net for cleaning. Larger damages will be charged on a time and material basis. Payment of the invoice amount is due immediately upon collection of your vehicle. You can pay the invoice amount in cash or by EC card. A later bank transfer is not possible. We are not obliged to return your vehicle without payment. The repair conditions as mentioned under 1 apply to the repaired control units.