The shovel ceremony for the new RH-Electronics building took place on 3 May 2014. The new company will be established at the edge of the municipality of Hattenhofen by the beginning of 2015 on a site area of more than 3600 square metres.

The reason for the new building is the increasing lack of space in the old premises. The owner Rainer Hutterer therefore decided to invest as early as 2012 and to follow this path.

About 50 invited guests followed the invitation of the managing director Mr. Hutterer to celebrate with him, his family and his staff the shovel ceremony for the new company building.

Despite the rather mixed weather, the mood among the guests was excellent. After the “Ozapfa” of a wooden barrel, which is obligatory in Bavaria, and a short speech, the loud starting signal was given by firecrackers for the shovel ceremony.

The excavators are to follow in the next few days and construction work will begin.

The company RH-Electronics has been repairing components of automotive electronics for about 20 years, above all control units for ABS, ESP, engine, transmission and many more. Due to the increasing use of electronic components in the automotive industry, the company has been expanding strongly for years.