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RH-Type AM16

from 299.00 EUR

Plus 19% VAT, plus shipping costs.
Repair time:
➜ Express repair: 1-2 working days plus shipping
(+50.00 EUR)
➜ Normal repair time: 3-5 working days plus shipping
(no extra charge)
Scope of repair:
➜ Complete Overhaul
(+50.00 EUR)
➜ Only troubleshooting
(no extra charge)
Device manufacturer:
Keihin / Mitsuba
Part no.:
diverse Nummern
XD 1000VA Varadero / ST 1100 CBS
➜ Bremssattel macht nicht auf ➜ Bremse löst sich nicht vollständig ➜ Hydraulische Fehler
Installed in the following vehicle brands:
Standard Lieferung:
Shipping within Germany up to 5KG
By law. 12/24 month. Warranty extension not available.