Car | Gearbox Control Unit (GS)

RH-Type GS20

229.00 EUR

Plus 19% VAT, plus shipping costs.
Scope of repair:
➜ Only troubleshooting
Repair time:
➜ Express repair: 1-2 working days plus shipping   (+50.00 EUR) ➜ Normal repair time: 3-5 working days plus shipping   (+20.00 EUR)
Part no.:
A2032675524 A2035450632 PP203267037
Device manufacturer:
Installed in the following vehicle brands:
Mercedes Benz
C CLK C180 C200 C220CDI CLK
➜ 240C Selector lever position from the gear detection module component is not available on the CAN bus (error code stored in transmission control unit) ➜ P1856 Implausible selector lever position or an implausible inching function detected. (error code stored in the aisle detection module)
Standard Lieferung:
Shipping within Germany up to 5KG
By law. 12/24 month. Warranty extension not available.