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Our workshop is located about 35 km from Munich, on the B2 between Augsburg and Munich.

Contact details:

  • via the A8 exit Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg to after Hattenhofen

  • over the A96 highway exit inning at Ammersee/Fürstenfeldbruck, continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg to Hattenhofen

In Hattenhofen you will find us on the outskirts of the village directly on the B2 on the right.

In vehicles, these faults are indicated by the ABS / ESP / DSP warning light and the flashing brake indicator light. Some vehicles emit three short beeps. If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, this can also cause problems, as the navigation system determines its routes via the ABS control unit and the wheel sensors. Automatic transmission and speedometer as well as other speed-dependent systems can also be affected.

After several years of operation, the following faults may occur in the control units specified on our page. Possible error texts in the error memory (diagnostic system) can be displayed:

  • No connection to the ABS control unit

  • No connection to panel insert

  • Error CAN-bus between SG and instrument cluster disturbed

  • Communication with diagnostic device not possible

  • If a diagnostic device is connected, it cannot find an ABS control unit.

  • Wheel sensor error/connection to wheel sensors faulty/interrupted, implausible

  • Pump error/hydraulic pump defective, outside tolerance etc.

  • Implausible signal

  • Control unit defective etc.

  • Valve relay defective

  • Inlet valve defective

  • Influence unknown etc.

  • Pressure sensor error/encoder Pressure sensor implausible, interruption, short circuit

These error texts can vary depending on the diagnostic device used, a combination is also possible. On some ECUs, the diagnostic unit displays an error message from one or more defective wheel sensors. After changing the sensor, however, there is no improvement and the error in the error memory cannot usually be deleted.

When braking slowly, some devices suddenly trigger the ABS on the last few metres until the vehicle comes to a standstill. This, too, is usually a fault in the control unit.

All these errors can occur sporadically. Sometimes a temperature dependency can be determined (electronic semiconductors). Often the control unit is also suddenly defective.

The following applies to all these errors

Most of them we can repair or find out if it is a defective device or if the fault is still on the vehicle.

Self-attempts/opening attempts

Please do not attempt to repair your control unit yourself. Under certain circumstances it can be damaged in such a way that a repair by us is no longer possible. Unfortunately we get devices daily, which are a “total loss” after opening and repair attempts (also other companies).

The devices are hybrid microelectronics, you have no chance of repair with conventional tools. The devices are usually already destroyed when they are opened.

Please do not use any contact spray or similar that you spray into the device. This can also cause the device to become irreparable.

If we discover that improper opening or repair attempts have been made on your control unit and this results in a considerable additional expense for us for the repair of the control unit, we will charge this on a time and material basis.