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Your way to RH Electronics

Our workshop is located about 35 km from Munich, on the B2 between Augsburg and Munich.

Contact details:

  • via the A8 exit Dachau/Fürstenfeldbruck (FFB), continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg until Hattenhofen

  • over the A96 highway exit inning at Ammersee/Fürstenfeldbruck, continue towards FFB on the B471, then continue on the B2 towards Augsburg to Hattenhofen

In Hattenhofen you will find us on the outskirts of the village directly on the B2 on the right.

Depending on the vehicle type and equipment, the devices are installed in different places. If you do not know exactly where your device is in the vehicle, please contact a qualified person or our service hotline on 09001-223 223 (0.49€/min. from a German landline).

Unfortunately we cannot give any instructions for all vehicles and types at this point. Depending on the vehicle type, ABS/ESP devices can be removed from the vehicle with or without a valve block. For some devices we need the valve block together with the control unit for the repair. For the affected devices, you will be explicitly requested in the repair order to send us the complete device. For all other devices it is usually sufficient to simply remove the control unit and send it to us.

Please do not attempt to repair your control unit yourself. Under some circumstances, the device may be damaged in such a way that it cannot be repaired by us afterwards. Please also use no contact sprayor the like that you spray into the device. This can also cause the device to become irreparable. If we discover that improper opening or repair attempts have been made on your control unit and that this results in considerable additional expense for us for the repair of the control unit, we will charge you for this.

In vehicles, these faults are indicated by the ABS / ESP / DSP warning light and the flashing brake indicator light. Some vehicles emit three short beeps. If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, this can also cause problems, as the navigation system determines its routes via the ABS control unit and the wheel sensors. Automatic transmission and speedometer as well as other speed-dependent systems can also be affected.

After several years of operation, the following faults may occur in the control units specified on our page. Possible error texts in the error memory (diagnostic system) can be displayed:

  • No connection to the ABS control unit

  • No connection to panel insert

  • Error CAN-bus between SG and instrument cluster disturbed

  • Communication with diagnostic device not possible

  • If a diagnostic device is connected, it cannot find an ABS control unit.

  • Wheel sensor error/connection to wheel sensors faulty/interrupted, implausible

  • Pump error/hydraulic pump defective, outside tolerance etc.

  • Implausible signal

  • Control unit defective etc.

  • Valve relay defective

  • Inlet valve defective

  • Influence unknown etc.

  • Pressure sensor error/encoder Pressure sensor implausible, interruption, short circuit

These error texts can vary depending on the diagnostic device used, a combination is also possible. On some ECUs, the diagnostic unit displays an error message from one or more defective wheel sensors. After changing the sensor, however, there is no improvement and the error in the error memory cannot usually be deleted.

When braking slowly, some devices suddenly trigger the ABS on the last few metres until the vehicle comes to a standstill. This, too, is usually a fault in the control unit.

All these errors can occur sporadically. Sometimes a temperature dependency can be determined (electronic semiconductors). Often the control unit is also suddenly defective.


Most of them we can repair or find out if it is a defective device or if the fault is still on the vehicle.


Please pay attention to cleanliness during installation. The sealing flange and the seal of the control unit should be cleaned with a clean cloth and some cleaning agent before installation and checked for damage. Please switch off the ignition on the vehicle. Place the control unit on the valve block and tighten it again with the screws. Always tighten the screws crosswise (please note torque). Optically check the plugs and contacts for oxidation and damage. Now plug in the cube plug and the plug for the hydraulic pump (not available with all control units). Switch on the ignition, all signal lamps should extinguish after approx. 3 seconds. The error memory should then be read out and deleted. The function of the ABS should now be checked and verified on a brake test or during a test drive.


Please pay attention to cleanliness during installation. Please switch off the ignition on the vehicle. Reinstall the control unit according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. Fasten the brake lines to the valve block again with the prescribed torque according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Plug the cube plug back into the device. Now you can delete the fault memory after switching on the ignition and verify/check the electronic function. The brake system must now be vented. Carry out this work according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Since the valve block has run empty during removal and transport, a venting procedure prescribed by the manufacturers via the diagnostic software must be carried out to completely vent the valve block. At the end of this process, the hydraulic valves and the hydraulic pump are actuated during the normal venting process to remove air bubbles that have accumulated in the valve block. After the venting process, the fault memory should be deleted again and the function of the ABS/ESP should now be checked and verified on a brake test or during a test drive.


If your control unit does not work, there may be several reasons for this. We have tested and repaired your control unit. Should we have noticed during our incoming inspection that your control unit was working, we would have informed you immediately and only charged a handling flat rate. Therefore, there is probably another fault in your vehicle.

Please check the following in case of a malfunction:

  • Are all plug connections re-established and engaged?

  • Supply voltage at the control unit?

  • Fuse for the supply voltage ABS?

  • Wheel sensors ABS (fault memory)?

  • Diagnostic cables, nodes, connectors CAN-bus connection etc.?

  • Read error memory: which error is displayed?

  • Does the control unit come from your vehicle? Software status? Coding?

  • Wheel bearing / integral wheel?

If you do not see another error and your control unit is not working, we will try to solve the problem. In order to be able to limit the error, we need an exact error description and the printout of the current error memory. We would like to ask you not to return the control unit to us without prior consultation. Please contactus beforehand.

If only the control unit was removed during removal, but the valve block with brake lines remains in the vehicle, the brake system (without ABS) is partially usable. Please note, however, that the ABS or ESP functions are not available. Also, the brake force distribution cannot be optimally controlled in some vehicles. This means that the full braking force cannot be used. The rear wheels may lock earlier than the front wheels during strong braking. This makes the vehicle very difficult to control. We recommend to protect the valve block and the plugs against dirt and to carry out only the most necessary trips. Please also note that other faults may occur in the vehicle for which we assume no liability. In principle, driving without an ABS system is not recommended. Every driver acts at his own risk.

If the valve block has been removed and the brake lines removed, driving with the vehicle is generally not possible! Depending on vehicle type and equipment, malfunctions may occur, e.g. failure of speedometer, power steering (Servotronic), fuel consumption indicator, navigation and on-board computer, automatic transmission running in emergency program, etc. These errors occur because no path impulses are transmitted by the wheel sensors. Also Possible: Permanent damage can arise here.

No, your control unit works again immediately after installation. However, this only applies if your control unit comes from your vehicle. If it comes from another vehicle, it must be coded. However, you should delete the error memory after successful repair. Coding without a vehicle is not possible.

We check every device. If your device works, we will inform you immediately. We charge only 35 € for our effort for a cost estimate and send your control unit back to you.

The repair time is usually about 2-3 working days. After the repair has been completed, you will receive your device back immediately together with the invoice. You do not have to make an appointment with us: we repair how the equipment arrives at our premises. We can also treat your repair order preferentially. We offer you the option of “express repair” and thus guarantee you a very fast repair time of 1 working day. We charge this service with 50,00 – 100,00 Euro net depending on the device type. On our website we announce you about 2 weeks in advance important dates such as holidays or the like.

That’s how shipping could work:

You send your control unit (depending on shipping variant) approx. 1-3 days
Repair in our house (depending on repair volume) approx. 2-3 working days
Return shipment (depending on shipping route) approx. 1-3 days

In general, you will receive your device back after approx. 3-4 days. If your device cannot be repaired immediately, we will contact you immediately. In the repair order, it is possible to book an express delivery at an extra charge. This allows you to speed up the return delivery and you will receive your device back the next working day after the repair.

All data are without guarantee and are valid for the dispatch within Germany.

We only repair your control unit that originates from your vehicle, as control units from other vehicles often cause problems. Even if the manufacturer number is identical, there are different software versions which lead to problems. We do not recommend used control units. These can be defective or from an accident vehicle and were presumably exposed to high mechanical stress. This can lead to early failures.

We can offer you a brand-new Bosch control unit at a special price. Please ask us for the price and the delivery time. For this we need from you the Bosch number of your old device and the vehicle key number. If we are unable to repair a control unit received for repair, we will always offer you a new unit. These will be offered and sent to you depending on availability.

Just have a look in our Shop .

Of course you can also hand in your device personally and pick it up again and pay the invoice in cash. In this case we ask you to make an appointment in advance by phone or email.